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Always an odd sign when I'm awake, dressed, and actually outside my house at 7:15am.

Dreams came in two parts last night, and oddly enough I only remember the first set now. In it, I was sitting around some shabby place with Di, and Lynn, my former boss at the video store years ago, was sitting in the next room. I think I have one of my hands tied to one of Di's. The connecting door between the rooms was open, and we were all talking. In the room with me and Di was a small fridge, and inside was what appears to be a hand and arm, from just below the elbow down. It's sitting on a block of ice (which is slowly melting, since the fridge is standing open), and tubes are running out of it to some unknown place. It looks like it's seen better days (apart from being severed, I mean). It's mildly grossing Di out, but I'm more interested in checking it over for disease, corruption, etc. For some reason, I have a spoon, and I scoop out a bite from the hand and eat it. I call out to Lynn 'Nice hand, gladf you finally got it replaced,' as I take another bite. She looks up from her newspaper, asks me what I said, and I repeat myself. She says 'Oh, yeah, but that's not the old one, HERE'S the old one,' and pulls out another hand and arm from the table next to her. That one is puffy, swollen, discolored, with large pits and sores in it...really disgusting. I go for a third bite of the hand near me, and when I put the spoon in it, it encounteres no real resistance, and opens a gaping hole in the side of it, inside of which is black and rotting. The would slowly etas away the hand, rotting the flesh away and releasing a slimy green substance. I notice that the table is smoking where the slime touches it, and I grab a rag that's handy to try and start cleaning it up, as it begins dripping on the floor. I sit on the floor, wipe the edge of the table, and as I go for the stuff on the floor, i realize that Lynn has come up behind me to see what's happening. Now, Lynn was fat, huge, I'm talking orca-fat, so when she does, she's completely blocking my ability to move. In fact, she pushes me just under the edge of the table, where some of the slime drips on my head. As I go to wipe it off, I realize too late that this acidic slime is starting to burn through the rag, which hurts my hand, and hence also burning my head. I try to mention this, but she is apprently oblivious to my pain, and just trying to see the decay.

Somewhere about here, I woke up. I don't remember the second half of my night's dreaming.

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