God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Back On The Chain Gang

Well well, let's see here...before I do anything, I gotta send mega-congrats out to othiym and luxcanon on the birth of their baby girl, Victory Rose, who is absolutely the most stunning little one in the world. I should get that frog in the mail here this week...damn it, I wanted to have it there, but couldn't...sorry! Head over to either of their journals for pictures of baby and mom alike...stunning, I tell you.

OK, so, more weekend update. After hitting the bed at 7am, I woke back up about 10am. Chamblin and I talked for a little while before the door opened, and in walked Di and Doug, who had gone to Doug's driving test (renewing his expired license, which needed to be done so that he could get a job that had come up), only to find that there is some suspension on his old license, apprently for an unpaid ticket. Not exactly a happy moment, to say the least. However, to help get the mind elsewhere, and because it was just necessary, we did Breffas.

Ah, beautiful breffas...if you have never experienced it, then you are truly missing out. Doug did most of the cooking this time, though I did get in to make my garlic cheese grits. Also on the menu: biscuits and sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, pepper-and-onion bacon, sauteed mushrooms, hashbrowns and cheese, doughnuts, and toast. We ate like fuckin' kings.

A slow afternoon ensued, and a side trip to Spartacus resulted in Zoe's birthday present. Speaking of which, Zoe: I'm so sorry we couldn't come down for your surprise party, there was just no way I was gonna make it and still make it home. Chamblin and Doug did finally head out about 5:30 to get down to Salem for Zoe's party, and I stetched out on the couch and promptly passed out for another 2 hours, and woke up enough to make it until 1am, passed out again.

So I'm mostly back up to snuff. There is something in the air that is making my eyes itchy, and is making Di's eyes gum up somewhat...hopefully a little Sudafed will clear that up. Today is movie and cleaning day...I've got a kitchen that looks like a bomb went off (but oh so good memories), and stack of flicks we rented.

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