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Well, That Was Nice...

So, I work on Thane's machine, and he tells me he's going to see Bob Dylan in concert later this night. Well, one thing leads to another, and he gets me a ticket, and there I am, seeing Bob Dylan, live. Now, I'm not a big Dylan fan, but, c'mon, this is a legend we are talking about here, I wasn't gonna say no. So now I can say I've seen him live. Coolio.

That wasn't the highlight of my evening, though. I got to finally talk to nysidra on the phone, and kept the convo going until the minute Dylan started playing. Would have kept talking, but we could barely hear each other. Bianca, it was great talking to you, and I look forward to the next time we speak!

And on that note, my friends, I'm off for a good night's sleep...soon-ish.

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