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Thank Mavis It's Friday

Well, "House Of 1,000 Corpses" opens today. Am I gonna get to see it? Dunno yet...we may not have the extra cash to go paying what theatres laughably refer to as 'admission price'. Still, I have my bootleg, so if not, I'm not totally missing out...but i would like to get to see it on the big screen.

Apparently, I look dead when I'm asleep. Eat your heart out, goths. ;) Passed out on the couch last night...man, what a day that was. Much better spirits today...guess it was just a cyclothymic kinda day. I was due one, but I'm back to my normal amusing, upbeat, cynical self.

Yes, my 'Purity Test' score is extremely low. No, I don't care. My personal philosophy of 'try everything; he who dies with the most experience wins' has been carefully cultivated for a huge chunk of my life. And I used to run with a strange crowd. One thing's for sure: when I get old, I'll have the most interesting stories...I just won't be able to tell most of them to my grandkids.

Still no word on the latest logo graphic...hope to hear from the client today.

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