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Anytime there's one of those 'Purity Test' things that goes around, and I post my frightening score, inevitably, I get several odd IM convos, shortly thereafter...

savrille: I got a 25 3/4% on that damn test..
archmage: nice
savrille: what the hell did you do to get a 7%..
archmage: just about everything
savrille: you creep me out.
savrille: :)


discordian: Just leave the small furry animals alone for a bit, will ya?
archmage: NO! Mammals are here to be USED! That sheep was asking for it!
discordian: sheep is not small.
archmage: oh, I see...you're ok with screwing sheep?
discordian: Hey.. if it's good enough for the Scottish, why not.
discordian: And you have some scottish in ya, don't you?
archmage: quite true...explains a lot, don't it?
archmage: the deviant sex, the booze...the predilection for large swords....
archmage: the cynical demeanor...the odd voice at times...the violent attitude....
archmage: wow.
discordian: that's what happens when you mix a scot with a frog. Beer + Wine = Rum, I guess.
archmage: or something like that

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