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Geek Humour

A convo this morning between discordian and I, trying to get a file to me...probably not very funny to non-geeks.

discordian: ok... there it goes.
discordian: ftp://*******.com
discordian: uid: *******
discordian: pass: *******
discordian: got it?
archmage: won't let me log on with that id...one sec.
discordian: try again.
archmage: nope, not even with my FTP proggie
discordian: works fine for me.
discordian: what error are you getting?
archmage: FTP proggie cannot resolve hostname, and browser FTP won't log in
discordian: can you go to http://www.*******.com?
archmage: yup, no prob
discordian: go for broke and try commandline.
archmage: claims incorrect login
archmage: yep...error 530 login incorrect
discordian: hey frank....
discordian: would you slap me REALLY hard please?
archmage: *WHACK*
discordian: thank you.
discordian: password is "**** ***"
archmage: *WHACK* again
discordian: thank you, again.
archmage: oh, look, it works now.
discordian: what a surprise!

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