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Evening Move-About, 'I've Seen The Future, Baby, It Is Murder', and Shout-Outs

Ended up heading downtown so Di could meet up with passionandsoul and darkboy23, to brainstorm about an upcoming shoot. I think there's a chance I've passed a hello with passionandsoul once before, a couple years ago, as a photo play party she photographed sounds like the one I helped set up, and she DID look familiar...or maybe not, she was very cool anyway. Always good to see darkboy23, he's just a very cool guy. He had a couple ideas in there which I'd LOVE to be the model for...(*hinthint...braaaaaaaiiiinnnnnnsssss*)

After a couple hours chatting, everyone went their separate ways, ideas in head, and Di and I dropped into Virginia Cafe for foodage. Had one of the best Reuben sandwiches I've had in quite a while, but somehow, we got to talking sex and society, which started out as a biology lesson in the physical workings of the penis, and turned into an hour-and-a-half seminar on sex education and why people have bad sex lives...and how to fix it. The end result of all this is that the idea came up that perhaps, if I ever go back to school, I should be a sex therapist. In the cold light of day, I'm not certain how good an idea it is, but it's a moot point...I won't be going back to school anytime soon!

Dunno if I mentioned it, but I did get the confirmation that my recent contract is over! YES!!! Sad part is that you look at this logo, and it's not really anything that should have taken this long or been this hard...but you know how clients are: they dunno what they really want, so you have to GUESS what they want...and your first guess is ALWAYS wrong. When you get it right, there's a bunch of nit-picky things that have to be tweaked...you get the idea. Still, it's done.

Hell, while I'm on a roll, gotta shout out a welcome to some ple new readers: achmanage, whose username is entirely too close to mine ;)...flaminghalo, another interesting Seattle person I didn't discover until I moved away, have we met? You look familiar, or maybe I'm on crack...and dragonsfancy, who came here through the two-fisted duo of bigdaddygoat and nostradomnatrix...welcome all!

Hoping to have a couple new icons done for people today or tomorrow...and speaking of tomorrow, anyone who's familiar with unrepentant's 'Friday Pictures' can bop on over here for them tomorrow, as I'm Guest Hosting it...Go me.

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