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21 April 2003 @ 08:16 am
Hell, Blast, and Damnation...AKA Monday Morning  
Well, well...morning all.

Let's see...what to report? Not a helluva lot. TUrns out there was quite a crew at Di's parents' place for Easter, which was cool enough, no worries. The more immediate family knew I had met with Di's ex, and was curious as to how it went, and were all happy that things seemed to have a positive start. On a personally happy note, they also all, unanimously, were in agreement that the concept of Bug being "afraid that I would hit him" was the biggest load of bullshit they'd ever heard...which felt good.

Been leaving the Banshee downloading for long periods of time, overnight and such, and had it lock up on me twice, so none of the downloads have come in yet...arg. Speaking of downloads, I've noticed the thing lately for taking popular music and making videos for them from various anime. As one would expect, they run the gamut from badly made (just the music playing of some scenes, no creativity) to beautiful (well-thought out scene choices/transitions, making some sense with the music, or at least well-timed/chosen). I have several, but I gotta recommend, if you see it, one I recently found. The music is a techno version of the music form the Broadway musical 'Phantom Of The Opera' and the visuals are from the anime 'Memories'...absolutely beautiful and excellently put together.

Hmmm...small thingy here that mails you each day with anyone that added or removed you as a friend. Think I'll give that a shot.

Webwork must be done today...Webwork must be done today...Webwork must be done today...Webwork must be done today...
Current Music: Kid Rock - Cowboy
Books are my drug of choicesilver_dreamer on April 21st, 2003 11:01 am (UTC)
Glad to hear that the adults have all lightened up. I know i had to deal with that whole abuse problem when I got married. No abuse just different way of parenting. My mom would freak everytime my husband raised his voice at my son..and then in her head she saw him hiiting him. In acuality she saw him take him to his room for time out. But my mom is a little nuts. And she got over it in time, I am just happy to hear the same happened for you.