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Today's Ass-Kickin' News

...is brought to you today by my fellow "I don't funkin' think so" bro', stig_mata:

Ministers upset that they no longer get free golfing, claim it smacks of racism -- Racism? Because you have to pay your greens fees just like everyone else? That you have to pay for the privelege of hitting a little white ball around a huge chunk of land that could be much better used? Fuck you, God-boy.

Oklahoma sticks it to PETA, hits them with anti-eco-terrorist laws -- It's actually more general than just PETA, much more encompassing, but they did mention it was groups like that which they are targeting. Booyah!

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell says fast-food obesity lawsuits are stupid -- This guy gets my cool award for the day, for having the balls to say that this shit has got to stop. He says, quote, "they promote a culture of victimhood and jettison the principle of personal responsibility." Rock on, Senator.

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