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What A Day...

So, let's recap and expand on the madness that has been Chaos's day...

~~ Up entirely too early, to show a computer illiterate how to work AOHell on his laptop. Luckily, not a bad guy, just dumb about these things.
~~ Nothing to eat in the house when I get back.
~~ Discovery that my goddaughter has been run over by her grandmother...oh, joy.

To top off the lot, me and the Banshee went back and forth with stupid problems today. Planning to rip the DivX of 'Darkness Falls' (hey, I'm a fan of bad cinema!), and decided to try a new method. As it stands, I've been using a combo of four proggies, which works OK, but I knew there was one out there, GordianKnot, that was supposed to be an all-in-one. Worth a shot, I figure.

Get it and its service pack, etc., install it. First thing I notice, before I start, is that my nvDVD no longer works...claims an audio codec is not there. Odd, since nothing I did affected those files. OK, no worries, uninstall it/reinstall it...same thing. Hmmm...ungroovy. Well, deal with it later. Fire up GK, and now learn to use it. That takes a little bit, but not too hard...fire it up, leave it running. Since it's doing EVERYTHING, this takes a while, several hours.

Finally done, fire it up, and discover popping noises all through the audio track. Christ, all this for crap. Say fuck it, go to uninstall it...only to find that it, for the most part, doesn't leave uninstall info. Get rid of the parts that do, bite the bullet and delete the rest, do a full registry cleaning for useless keys. Fun, fun, fun. Start again with the rip, do it the old way...almost perfect copy. Just as always

Moral of today's story: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It.

On a good note, as soon as I dumped GK, nvDVD worked fine again, without a hitch. On a second good note, I discovered how to get the DivX 5 Pro Codec without having to deal with the stupid, annoying Gator Advertising...rock!

Summary: I'm really glad today is about over with.

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