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More Useless Knowledge

ravenlace made her own survey, and asked that I fill it out...

1) legal name? Frank Howard Prevatt, Jr.
2) Birth name? Same
3) names that have been given to you by other people? Knarf, Chaos, Satan, Darkman, Reaper, Deja, Wrong-way, The Voice, Bounca, Archmage, DM, Robert, Felix
4) Religious Preference? Zen Discordianism
5) If there is one talent you would like to have what would it be? Hypnotism
6) What superhero Power would you like to have? Mental Control
7) if there is one thing you wish you could have done differently without serious repercussions on your life what would it be? Can't think of anything...I have no real regrets...except for one.
8) what is the worst thing you have ever done? I decline to answer for the repercussions of the admission
9) one thing you would like to do before you die? Build a castle in the highlands of Scotland
10) One thing you would change about yourself? My mental imbalances
11) One thing you would change about society? Remove judgement by sight
12) most embarrasing physical attribute? gut...but working on it
13) if you look like any celebrity? in the right sunglasses, I look slightly like Groovie Mann (TKK)
14) marry any celebrity? Johnette Napolitano
15) riches or fame? fame
16) how would you commit suicide if you ever decided to? skydive naked into the halftime show of the Super Bowl
17) favorite way to spend a date? sexually
18) what do you look for in a significant other? a head
19) your worst fault? too tolerant of those that take advantage of me
20) if you could be any creature real or fiction. what would it be? tiger...beauty, grace, power, instinct, sensuality,

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