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And While We're On The Subject....

Let's see...what's happening to me lately?

Well, those what know me know that I was in a very rotten mood swing yesterday...it's just shy of going away, i can feel it, and that makes things better. My sincere thanks to nysidra, ravenlace, and of course, my darling Heidi for their help and understanding...love ya all!

My mega-congratulations go out to rayce and violetvixen on their job gain-age! I know it will make life so much better all around for ya!

Came up with one of the oddest things artisically that I have ever thought of, but I have gotten good responses from the people I told about it (only 2). Only difference is I don't think I'll use myself as the model...

I started looking at bands looking for singers last night. I still need a damn car, but maybe I can get the ball rolling...I can hope...

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