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27 April 2003 @ 06:06 pm
Nature's Way Of Reminding You That You Are A Big Guy  
Well, we did get to hook up with velvetacidgrrrl and dravengodvamp today, which was very cool, as always. All of us (Bug included) loaded up and went out to Di's parents' place, and walked out into the wilds for some pix. I'm quite happy with the way they came out (as soon as they are put online, I'll post them). Chamblin even convinced me to get gothed up for her, and got some pix, which should be interesting, at least, and a few vampiric pix as well, which I'm looking forward to seeing.

As batteries ran low, we took a break, and decided the last few shots could be done back up at the house, so we packed all the shit up and headed back. unfortunately, that was uphill...which might not have been a real problem, except that the sun was out, bright and hot, and at the time I was in not only heavy leather pants, but my full-length leather trenchcoat. Add on the two huge bags o' shite that I was schlepping, and needless to say, once I made it to the top of the hill, I was just about to collapse. It was definitely not groovy; it got to the point that I was starting to get nauseous. Guess Mother Nature wanted to remind me that I was fat. ;)

Still, a little rest and a cold drink, and I was fine. There was one little hiccup...Di's dad, a cantankerous old guy, happened to come around the corner and saw Chamblin. now, her hair was down, and his eyesight isn't too great, so he THOUGHT it was Di, and jokingly went off on her hair and make-up. Once he came back inside and saw Di, though, the look of shock on his face was priceless, as he realized he'd unloaded on a complete stranger that didn't know him...he felt so bad about it. He went and tried his best to apologize, but I think it really got to Chamblin...man, I've never seen him feel so bad. Di's mom made food, as usual, and so we stayed and got grub, which was faboo, as always. A little convo, a ride back to the house, and they had to jet off for home.

All in all, a pretty cool day. It's not often someone gets pix of me...or even really wants them. Now, time to go kick back with a cold drink and watch "Kung-Fu Rascals".
Current Music: Rob Zombie - Dragula
Deechsavrille on April 28th, 2003 09:28 am (UTC)
That's horrible!

kinda funny, in a way, but I hope that Chamblin got the gist that he was really thought he was playing with Di and didn't mean anything.. Eragh.

"Excuse me. While my husband digs his foot out of his mouth, can I get you a drink?"
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Rollarchmage on April 28th, 2003 09:38 am (UTC)
Yeah, it was a real double-emotion situation. It was sorta funny, in an outside/mistaken identity kinda way, but it wasn't funny in that she was really hurt by it. I think she did understand, after he went back out and tried to apologize and all, that he had thought he was playing with his daughter, and would not said all that to someone else, but she was still pretty hurt by it.

Hell, he felt so bad he wouldn't eat with the rest of us. He really is a great guy, actually...this is the same guy I've sat around for a hour or two one day, just discussing the rise and fall of world empires, and how that brought us to out present state, and another day discussing quantum theory and possibilities fo time travel. The day I met him, he invited me out to share a few hits of his pipe...some of the best weed I've ever had. Complete atheist...he's quite a character, and he doesn't hold back, but he is also a nice guy that understands decorum.

All around, it was just one of those things, you know? WE all tried to help explain, on both sides, but sometimes people just have to have a few minutes to get themselves together.
Velvetacidgrrrlvelvetacidgrrrl on April 28th, 2003 10:09 am (UTC)
Di, just tell your dad her's showing his age
Nahh, I'm all groovy now, and I feel bad if your dad ended up uncomfortable. WOuld love to go out there again cause man, was I hungry about 45 minutes into our drive back home and wishing we had had more time. But as it was I was apologizing profusely to my mom as we rolled in round 830 vs the original 5pm
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Rollarchmage on April 28th, 2003 12:19 pm (UTC)
Glad to hear all is groovy now...and you really did miss out on some excellent grub.