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Night before last, around 1am, I stepped out on my back porch, and just stood there. It was dark, cool, and mostly quiet. A soft and slight rain was falling...it was beautiful. Still, nothing like last night! Rain, and actual thunder and lightning! Man, I haven't gotten to see that but maybe once since I came to the West Coast...heaven.

While all that was going on, Di and I were hanging out with polarbear, just having a drink and kicking back, celebrating his arrival at the grand old age of 30. 'Twas cool to see him, as always, and I did manage to score several new games, that I'll be able to pick up as soon as my check comes in (which damn well better be coming within days, or someone's gonna get a serious chewing-out). Speaking of hanging last night: delilahbowie, what happened?

Di did snap one pic of the birthday boy, commemorating the big three-oh:


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