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Hump Day Happ'nin's

Dressed in black jeans, black t-shirt, cycle jacket, and my hair tied up in a ponytail high on my head, I was described this morning as looking like a "Hell's Angel Samurai"...LOL...I loved it! Thanks Stephanie!

I ended up in a bit of a fight on my Fallen Angels mailing list over someone starting to act like a whiny bitch. Now, this person has a history of being a whiny bitch, and hes left the list twice before, and come back, and was warned by me (moderator) and cheaps1utsavior (owner) on her most recent return not to get into that again. Maybe I did jump down her throat just as it was starting, but I didn't want it to escalate. I have the beginnings of a sneaky suspicion that this will end up like last time...hopefully not, but we'll see.

I fully admit that I am slacking off at work more today, but my stats have kicked ass thus far, so it averages out! I'm so bad sometimes...and other times I'm damn good. Frequently, I'm both.

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