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It's been a long time since I had to ban someone (not since my little annoyance wars with cyanblaze and my apparent attraction of hate-monger antisense, both of which came back with multiple usernames). But, this short but distinguished list was joined today by this latest jackass, tonygumbrell, who has taken it upon himself to start responding to my posts with either a smartassed remark of no relevance, or a rambling invective that also doesn't help.

Now, even with this, I wasn't going to ban him...not my style; I'd rather get them to attempt to support their point, and end up letting them make themselves look like a jackass in public. However, he doesn't seem to want to even try the gentle art of conversation, and would not respond back to me...in fact, his journal has never been updated, EVER, just used to comment elsewhere (created 1-1-2003, updated never, comments made: 129). In the immortal words of Bea Arthur: "Oh, a bullshit artist!"

I don't care what you say...I'm a big boy, I can take it. But if you are only here to feel suporior by making useless comments, then go do it somewhere else, I'm not interested in feeding your pathetic little hiding-behind-the-Net ego. Ciao, bella.

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