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Had To Share This

The Washing ton Post and LA Times fronted, in today's paper, the story of hiker/adventurer Aron Ralston of Aspen, Colo. Ralston was climbing down over a boulder in Blue John Canyon in southwest Utah when the thing shifted and pinned his arm. His attempts to free himself were unsuccessful and so he stood there, trapped, for five days. On Tuesday of this week, he ran out of water. On Thursday, he "realized that his survival required drastic action," according to the sheriff's report. With a pocketknife, he proceeded to cut off his arm. He then rappelled the remaining 60 feet down the canyon and walked five miles before a helicopter spotted him. "You got to hand it to the guy," says a park ranger in the LAT. "That's true grit."

That, my friends, is willpower (among other things).

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