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Fun With Bug

Bug gets here, all excited, because he did REALLY well in school today, which made it even easier to work my new deal with him. If he can get smiley faces on his behaviour all week, I have four brand new Hot Wheels hotrods for him. They are tacked to the wall, so he can see them, and hopefully he'll get them at the end of the week.

I get such a kick out of him. He really is a smart kid, and hungry to learn fun things...he just gets so bored with the weak stuff that is just basic (but you gotta learn it). but he's always asking me how things work (and WHY they work). This evening, he had these plastic eggs from Easter, and I got to spinning them and making them stand up on end. I kept using my hands to make it look like i was 'magically' causing it to happen...which worked out, since he couldn't get it to work. AFter a little bit, though, I told him why that worked (basic physics of centrifugal force, and so on)...and he was just eating that shit up. Very cool.

Spent the rest of the evening building this little skeleton marionette. Didn't get it finished before Bug had to go to bed, but he'll get to see it next time. Still, it's pretty cool, for a simple little cardstock cut-out. You can check it out (and make your own, if you have nothing better to do) HERE. There's several things there, it's kinda cool, in a little-kid's-cut-out-and-make-it-book kinda way...great for the goth on a budget!

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