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Well, events are in that are conspiring to make me feel good. Bastards. ;)

First off, I have this chick I talked to last night, who turned out to be pretty cool, and who told me repeatedly how attrractive I was, and who was disappointed that I had a fiancee. I guess there just aren't many guys like me out there. That's right, ladies, I'm quite spoken for.

Secondly, I got mail last night from someone I'd never met, and have absolutely no connection to, saying they had seen my icons and were really impressed, and could I do an icon and a couple banners for them. WILD...how cool is that? Easy graphics, too.

Add to that the fact that I have FINALLY gotten paid for the first contract I did. The second payment should be coming along in a week or so, which is also a plus. I have to say, though, as a graphic artist, there is nothign quite as cool as seeing the logo you created on the envelope's letterhead and in the check's watermark as well. THAT rocked my fuckin' socks.

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