God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

More Proof The You Should Never Leave Us Alone

Frankly, if savrille and I ever decided to REALLY screw up the world, I'm pretty sure we'd manage it...and make a fat load of cash in the bargain:

savrille: Bob's whore house, how can I help you get it on?
archmage: yeah, here's what I want....
archmage: I need a chick to get in a hot tub with me, naked....except for sailor hats....
archmage: the hot tub full of Pepto Bismol....
archmage: and then I want to clip her toenails ...and afterwqards, she shaves my buttocks.
archmage: How much would that cost?
savrille: hum.
savrille: is that one sailor hat or two?
archmage: well, I had my heart set on both of us, but I guess I could go with just one, if the cost is too prohibitive.
savrille: no no. that's fine.
savrille: You need our Sailor PeptoShave fantasy package.
savrille: it's in the brochure.
savrille: You'd be surprised how many men enjoy a good clip-n-shave in a hot tub of pepto.
archmage: Ah, very good. Could you have that sent to my office? Fax, maybe?
savrille: Well, I'd have to add shipping for the tub and pepto.
archmage: No, I meant the brochure.
savrille: Oh.
archmage: I'm willing to travel for the pepto.
savrille: well, we're a very diverse operation here.
savrille: Our brochure is actually 18,326 pages long and weights roughly the same as a '86 Nova.
archmage: Hmmm...do you have a website?
savrille: No. You can sell pussy on the web?
savrille: Wow. Who'da thunk.
archmage: shit, it's the Net...you can sell anything
archmage: Perhaps we could work out a deal where...I do web design...
archmage: Face it...
archmage: We both make people pay to get fucked when they could do it themselves
savrille: hahahaha!

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