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The Wall Street Journal says that a U.S. commander in Mosul ordered troops to take over a local TV station after it broadcast an al-Jazeera program. According the Journal, an American officer who objected was relieved of her duties.

Am I the only one that is just a little bothered by this? Actually, I'm kinda torn...while I am bothered by the attitude towards her speaking her mind, and our own attitude towards the free speech (towards the officer, not the TV station), at the same time, when you are military, you know what is expected of you. Part of that is following orders...face it, that's your job. Now, I'm not saying that if a commander ordered you to bring him a baby sandwich and a side order of kitten fries you'd be wrong to balk, but in genereal, it is a situation of people giving orders and people following orders. So, this chick was within the American right to speak out, but was against her established position as a soldier in doing so...mixed emotions. Ah well.

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