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Strange Dreams

This is one of those times that I cannot rememebr all of what happened, but I remember bits and pieces...actually, if I wanted to give it deeper thought, I could probably remember more, but i think I'd just be annoyed at the parts I couldn't get anymore.

I know, for a good part of it, there was some abandoned roller coaster, except that it was very small; it was inside a room that wasn't much bigger than the average neighborhood bar, but taller. We had to sneak in to get to it, and I recall hopping up on a chair and jumping to a metal walkway railing to get to the power switch. I think there were four of us, two males, two females, but I don't know who any of them were. We went at least twice to this thing, though I never remember actually RIDING the damn thing, just getting it going for the rest of them.

At one point, during the second excursion, I remember hearing somethign outside, and I was the only one that would go out to check. The wind was whipping the trees around, and it was relatively dark, and it strange lights kept flashing in the shadows. A high p[itched and fairly creepy laugh kept pealing out, and just as I threw myself down against a small rise in the land, a girl came out of the trees and slid down the embankment, except she wasn't human, she was a statue: stone, greenish-grey. Still, she was moving, and she fell into my arms, and it was like I was expecting her; I kissed her and she responded in kind, looking back at me with human eyes. It almost seemed that we had planned something to scare the rest of them, or some such thing.

I returned to the building, and there was only a couple people there. Somewhere in here, the whole place got some story attached to it about a ghost or something. I distinctly remember seeing a picture of about a dozen men in cowboy hats and dusters, middle aged, and one of them saying "There's only one thing you gotta worry about, and that's...The Ghost!" One of the two people here, I somehow had convinced that to join them (dunno why he wanted to), he had to be blindfolded and climb up onto some railing or something, while tied by the feet. Once he was blindfolded, I remember telling the other person "Remember? He can no longer hear you." It seems that I BECAME the ghost at that point, and I recall the guy hanging by his foot, and my swinging him towards the side, telling him he wasn't quite there...

I always have the best dreams after a fun evening.

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