God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Nothing And No One

Slow day. Spent most of it playing GTA3, to be perfectly honest. Yep, just as with everyone else who's played it, it's hooked me. Just to prove what an 'art geek' I am, though, after 2 missions, I stopped the game and started again, taking a pause to do a skin of myself. It's just so much nicer to play, knowing that it's me doing all this. Camo pants, leather kacket with grey tribal tattoos painted down the sleeves and a big chaosstar on the back, my blue reflective wraparound shades and the eternal widow's peak. Even used my own photo for the face, just to make sure it was right. The only thing that doesn't look like me is the fact that the character has short hair, and I'm not about to go 3D modeling a whole framework, just for that...I'll live.

Not much beyond that. Di is still sick, to the point where I had to take over driving, while we were out. Sure hope she kicks this soon, I'm starting to get worried.

Well, anyway, just boring ol' me.

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