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On A Related Note

You what my problem is? I don't belong in this time in reality. Yes, I'm a computer nut, etc., but that is all a product of my environment. I belong to a time when honour meant something, something real, something important...a time when people would live and DIE for their honour. A time when your word was your bond, and to not stand beside it was as good as removing yourself from society. A time when laws were simple, not convoluted excuses for lawyers to make money. A time when a business made itself big by showing that it was the best, and by serving its customers, not by finding the loopholes it can use to slide by. A time when humans attempted to live in some sort of community, not individual caves of their own making. When neuroses were unknown. When a cad and a ruffian would be handled by the good men of the area.

I should have been a knight. Or a gunslinger, which is just a knight of another culture. Not that I mean some 'Wild West' movie icon, but the Gunslingers. If you don't follow, I'm not in the mood to enlighten you, sorry...go read "The Dark Tower".

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    Jim Jeffries On Why Other Countries Think US Gun Laws Are Crazy Pretty well sums it all up, as far as I'm concerned.

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