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Things lead to the oddest ideas, sometimes...a radio commercial led to my coming up wioth something mostly silly I wanna do, so for those that make it to the next 'Bad Movies and Booze' night, expect at least one group pic to be taken. I'll explain more at the time, but it'll involve tequila...no, you don't have to habve any, if it's not your bag. More for me! ;)

Speaking of which, it looks like the Seattle trip that we were gonna take next weekend is gonna just fall through completely (sorry!). It'll just have to wait...which means that the aforementioned BMaB night has two potential dates...so, I need a consensus, here.

To All That Would Be Able And/Or Willing To Come:
The date we were thinking was June 14th, but This coming weekend, May 23rd (or 24th) is open...so which is better for you? The movies, at this point, are "Blair Witch Project" (to make fun of, mostly), "The Fly" (Vincent Price...there has to be at least one classic so we can MST3K it), and one more to be named. polarbear was wanting to have it as his place this time, but I dunno if that is gonna happen or not (get hold of me, Michael!). As always, it's open to anyone in the area, the more the merrier...so feel free to invite y'self along! I'm hoping to have a couple new faces this time, including a couple old friends.

Poll #135968 Bad Movies and Booze: Into The Woods!

Which days are you available?

May 23rd
June 14th

Any Movie You'd Recommend Or Want To See?

Are You Wearing Socks Right Now?

Two Pairs
No, But I Have Sandals
Socks Are A Tool The Man Uses To Oppress You!

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