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Long Night

Well, what I was talking about didn't happen, we bailed. What was going on was that they were giving away 200 AMD XP motherboards and chips, in an effort to get them out on the market and prove how they kicked ass. Well, needless to say, Eric, Steph, and I were bound and determined to be there, even if it was at 6am.

We made our plans to get up early, pick up Chip, and head downtown...and then discovered that it would be drawn names, not first to show. Eww. Also, none one of us made it to bed very early, so when 4am rolled around, we were all dead to the world, and it took one minute worth of thought to agree that it wasn't THAT worth it or necessary, and retired to our respective bedrooms.

Christ, i had the weirdest dreams between 4 and 8:30. But, the headache I went to bed with and woke up with was finally gone, so that was good. I'm so fucking broke, I can't wait for payday Monday. And so, here I am, getting ready to spend another day as a galley slave.

Oh, one last thing...rayce? You may not know it, but you made my entire evening. ;)

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