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Last night ended up beng a lot of fun, and the movies were the smallest part of it. jahnji showed up with a CD of all his DJ mixes (thanx J, they rock!), and we hung out talking and whatnot until karzon showed, at which pointr we started the films...and proceeded to laugh and talk over them anyway.

Di passed out on the floor while the rest of us kept talking. Joe left just before midnight, but John and I sat around until almost 2 in the morning (Di did rejoin us at one point). Damn, it felt good to have someone around to just shoot the breeze with.

The rest of the evening is not for your eyes; suffice it to say, it rocked...and rolled...all night long. Sweet Suzy.

Supposed to go to Joe's around midday to watch 'Trigun' (John's bringing it over), and may be getting a copy of the new Matrix game, hopefully. Whoo!

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