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Is it so hard to understand? I wouldn't think so, but everyday I have a few more examples of the decline of American Intelligence. Everyday, i find a few more reasons to hate this country, and these people. EVeryday, my faith in basic functions, politeness, and smarts slips a little further away.

For instance, this guy I just dealt with bitched about the fact that he had sent us 2 different checks, and we hadn't posted them to the account. I offered to research those checks and get back to him. he had the gall to get mad that he might have to wait ANOTHER 5 MINUTES, and then to bitch to me about how it was bad business that a 'huge company our size' could lose a check. Hello? The bigger we are, the MORE likely we are to lose one check. And frankly, we hate dealing with checks, it's a serious pain in the ass. We deal in credit cards, debit cards, direct bank drafts, etc. What's the bad business? It's continuing to accept checks from ancient bastards like this schmoe.

Oh, and dare i forget, this guy was my 'threatening legal action' idiot for the week. According to him, if we cancel this account for non-payment, he's gonna get a lawyer. Dude, go for it. And then, he says he'll go ahead and hang up, and I can go 'do my little research thingy, ro whatever I need to do', and hangs up. Gee, I suddenly forgot what i was doing, guess I won't bother...

Be nice to your service personnel on the phone. We hate it when you are a bitch, and we have the power to fuck things up worse. Make us smile, and we'll take care of you.

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