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S2 Can Fuck Right Off

OK...if anyone out there in the Land of High Weirdness actually understands the new S2 style system, and wants to actually spend some time teaching me what the fuck I'm missing, that'd be cool. Unitl that time, though, S2 can bite my nuts...in fact, that'd be nice, because that would put its small sensitive dangly bits right by my feet, and I could deliver the whalloping blunt trauma to them that they so richly deserve.

At this point, the only thing that really attracted me to it anyway was the fact that i cold have my journal style on the page where you leave comments, and the fact that one style would work across all views, so I didn't have to code it four times...but when I spend 2 hours just attempting to get a background picture to show up, and STILL can't do it, I gotta say, it's time to pack it in.

S2 is supposed to have all this extra functionality, and it does, there's no denying. However, you gotta be a programmer to get it working...and you better be wanting to make your journal into a techie's portal/wet dream. As we all know, I'm no programmer. Fuck this, anything and everything that I really want to do with it, I can do under S1 in HTML, and I can have the whole damn thing done in the time it took me just to finally give up trying to put up a fucking background pic.

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