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Yay, rah, welcome to the fun zone. Get to go through another Saturday morning meeting with Di's ex et al. FUnny that, since i started going, they've become much fewer and farther between...suddenly, the need to meet is so much less. I guess, when they can't spend the time talking about how everything is my fault, they have nothing else to say. This time, it's gonna be mildly uglky, I'm sure. For those that didn't read in Di's LJ, the short version is this: we all agreed last time, him included, that doing this Phonicsa program with Bug, EVERY NIGHT, was important, and tyhat, barring giving him the rare night off if he had a really bad day, we were gonna stick to this. Well, he's done it ONCE in the past week, and when asked about it, he immediately got defensive about how he doesn't have to justify what he does in his house, and that there are other important things too, and how his schedule is weird, and how he wants to spend what time he does have having fun with Bug, etc. Duh, jackass...this is part of being a parent. What a fucker.

It's getting to the point that DI and I may just say to Hell with them all, and keep doing what we kow id the good thing and the right thing to do, and just hope that all goes as well as possible...since we obviously cannot MAKE him do anything, and he doesn't have the intelligence, honour, or balls to do it himself.

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