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CafePress Not Lookin' Good

MOst of you have probably at least heard of CafePress, where you can get your images/logos/cartoons on mugs, t-shirts. mousepads, and whatnot, for sale to the public. Much easier than trying to do it yourself, and they handle everything...why not, right?

Something you should read: Changes To CafePress TOS

I had considered using them once i got my site up and running, just for the fun of it...but this made me blink. Twice. Normally, though, i don't take these soprt of sites too seriously, but I went and dug through their TOS, to make sure this was on the level, and it certainly appears so. Beyond the financial issues, which are already a little annoying, the very fact that they are stating in no uncertain terms that they "retain all rights, including copyright, of any intellectual property you upload to their site" is gonna keep my images as far away from them as possible.

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