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This gets pretty long, since I did it for three differents "names" of mine...so if you really care...

Googlism for: chaos

chaos is a state of mind
chaos is your destiny
chaos is king
chaos is cool
chaos is our friend
chaos is the form
chaos is relative
chaos is unleashed
chaos is coming
chaos is a label
chaos is normal
chaos is power
chaos is in the house
chaos is in chaos
chaos is innovation
chaos is?
chaos is fun
chaos is good for economies
chaos is tasty
chaos is everywhere
chaos is best selling
chaos is "gold"
chaos is a political operation
chaos is my middle name
chaos is healthy
chaos is alright
chaos is back
chaos is variety embodied
chaos is the initial condition that gives rise to order
chaos is the poetry
chaos is good
chaos is necessary for creativity
chaos is living in stability
chaos is not so bad
chaos is best
chaos is here
chaos is the long
chaos is the fraternal twin of creativity
chaos is king in atlanta
chaos is served
chaos is bliss
chaos is real
chaos is my life
chaos is all around us and within us
chaos is a friend of mine
chaos is me

Googlism for: archmage

archmage is not for weenies
archmage is one of the most popular human heroes
archmage is that he isn't pleasant
archmage is an arcane spell caster who strives to reach greater power faster than other spell casters
archmage is better than the overweight prez
archmage is an extraordinarily dangerous foe
archmage is about half way to expansion
archmage is a perfect hero
archmage is no more the 900 years old but already his control of magic surpassed some of the oldest mages in the empire of the day
archmage is said to reside on the top floor of the magery tower in starlight down
archmage is not known enough
archmage is an individual that seeks to master all forms of spellcraft
archmage is beyond the boundaries of paradigm
archmage is capable of manipulating static occurrences
archmage is incredibly great
archmage is the most senior mage in the society
archmage is impressive in his entrance
archmage is one of the most dangerous foes we have met
archmage is an awesome hero
archmage is very powerful
archmage is back to his old self
archmage is the lich

Googlism for: frank

frank is your friend
frank is the point man
frank is bigger than you
frank is the coolest
frank is a pure inbred idiot
frank is innocent
frank is danceable
frank is working hard
frank is an asshole
frank is frank
frank is born in frankfurt
frank is a hero
frank is determined to go the extra mile to meet your expectations
frank is alone
frank is the exact opposite
frank is your quintessential supporter
frank is the best
frank is a hottie
frank is happy
frank is a greasy dumb wop
frank is an alien abductee
frank is an invaluable warrior who stands in defense of our fears
frank is the big question mark

frank is off the air
frank is coming back on the air
frank is the creative director of atlantic theatre
frank is an exceptional surgeon who is more than willing to work with you and help you achieve your desired aesthetic
frank is upset because recently all his patients have been dying on him
frank is principal scientist of the center for digital systems engineering
frank is sitting in his shop
frank is professor of comparative literature emeritus at princeton university and professor of comparative literature and slavic languages
frank is also active member of the department's plasma physics program
frank is in the boardrooms
frank is professor of geoinformation at the technical university of vienna since 1991
frank is planning to retire from the boards of directors of sovkomflot and aeroflot
frank is not a lawyer
frank is a real estate agent that is known in the community of st catharines for his dedicated client service

frank is signed to fight ricardo almeida
frank is no stranger to the press
frank is national player of the year in water polo
frank is a founding member of the group nomos
frank is going to release his book
frank is also a frequent speaker at industry events such as online learning and km world
frank is a vote against politics
frank is a follower of the ancient shri vaishnava tradition of ramanuja
frank is participating in epa's biodiversity research consortium
frank is a filipino martial arts master who does training

frank is back
frank is told to go away
frank is so invisible
frank is hangin' it up
frank is so beautifully rendered that you'll wonder if you're actually seeing it properly
frank is standing over you
frank is the word
frank is presented with the temple of remorse
frank is pissing me off
frank is an umbrella cockatooo
frank is living in my foot
frank is a subluxation

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