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Well, I'm Pathetic...

I know I said I'd work on the site this weekend, and here it is, 4 o'clock, and I still haven't. Sad, huh? Oh well, I'm gonna try and work some soon, just have to go get the mail and maybe take a nap. We'll see.

Yeah, I'm lazy...fuck you, it's the weekend.

I may end up at a fetish fashion show tonight at the Catwalk. I know Steph is going and Rayce is taking pictures, and apparently Eric and I are invited. Oh, and Jayne (teknoerotoskizm) is in the show, which is a great reason to go by itself. I dunno about Eric, but I may just stay here and relax, haven't decided yet. I really don't have the money, so that may be a useful excuse.

Oh, and Steph was helping Rayce with a shoot yesterday, which apparently involved bodypaint and spikes on Christelle (i_feel_sick...check her journal for an example). Saw some of the pix last night...incredible shots. Check more of rayce's work at her site.

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