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Interviews - Round 2

COMMENTATOR: Hello, and welcome back to "Bring It On". If you are just joining us, our answer-man tonight is Frank Prevatt, nationally known weirdo...

FRANK: ...and proud of it!

C: Haha, yes, you certainly do revel in it.

F: Hell, I'm downright smug about it.

C: Shall we get on to another set of questions? The famous duchess_webb has some things she's curious about. First, she'd like to know what got you into digital art.

F: Well, I've always been a creative type, but it was mostly in writing. I still enjoy writing, but I wanted to be able to create somethig that people could enjoy without taking a lot of time, because I get disgusted with people's short attention spans. Unfortunately, I can barely draw a straight line, even using a ruler...freehand is not my forte. I'm pretty certain I can attribute a lot of that to my former drug days. I managed to pirate an old copy of PhotoShop, which allowed me to manipulate pictures, and gave me an artistic outlet, in a medium that I had not been able to access before. Things just flowed from there...now if I go more than a few days with doing SOMETHING, I get antsy.

C: Good to hear you discovered that. Is there a fictional character you relate to the most?

F: Hagbard Celine, from R.A. Wilson's Illuminatus! trilogy. He has separated himself from the governments and religions and other cliques of the world, waging his war on stupidity, trying to show people that they don't have to be the automatons that they are. He sometimes manages to find others like him, and he recruits them to help, but at all times, he wants to be equal with those around him, not in charge. He understands social dynamics, circuit imprints, and submissive teachings, and he hopes to break humanity of it.

c: OK, she'd also like to know where you would live, if you could choose anywhere.

F: (laughs) There's a fictional story about Beethoven living on the moon...and sometimes I think that's where'd I like to be. Truth be told, if I could be anywhere, I'd be in a satellite city above the Earth, but that's not really an option. Barring that, I'd love to live in Scotland (blood from there, you know), Thailand (beautiful scenery, if a bit poor), or Australia (gorgeous and better attitudes).

C: Interesting. What is your favorite type of dessert?

F: Girlfriends (and others) for years discovered that I would happily be your slave for a plate of brownies.

C: Better keep that info hidden...lastly, she'd like to know what talent you haven't learned that you wish you could?

F: I've always wanted to play the sax, or perhaps the bass guitar. I was always a fan of Boots Randolph and Clarence Clemmons...and I'm a big blues man. Go figure.

C: Alrighty...that's all for that. Ready for another round?

F: I can keep going as long as you can!

C: Then we'll be right back to "Bring It On".

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