God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

COMMENTATOR: Welcome back to "Bring It On". Frank, you ready for Round 3?

FRANK: No time like the present.

c: OK. Our next set of questions come from syndicated talk show host achmanage.

F: (laughs) I wondered when he'd speak up.

[Unknown LJ tag]C: You two have spoken before?

F: Many, many times. We do a lot of debating back and forth.

C: Well, at least it's stimulating. Firstly, he asks who you voted for?

F: Having been a former Tennesseean, I have dealt with Al Gore as a politico, and I think he as all the political ability of a squashed apricot. Not that I particularly like Dubya, but when it came to the best choice amongst those presented to me...well, it was that or not vote. So I didn't.

C: An act of civil disobedience?

F: Not really. I didn't break any laws, I just refused to bother showing support to either side. People say "if you don't vote, you cannot bitch about things"...which is funny, since bitching baout things is your Constitutional right. We've forgotten that government is supposed to work FOR us.

C: OK, next he gives you a question of logic and opinion. I quote: "A man's been waiting in a room for nine weeks. He doesn't know why he's there, only that he's been placed there and at the end of the ninth week, he's able to go home. Anxiously he sits in a little metal chair, looking at his watch and at the clock, eating only what they slip through the hole in the door. Finally, after nine weeks of agonizing patience, there's a click at the door and it slowly creeks open. Exited, the man jumps up and runs out the door, but before he can go anywhere, he's shot in the head. The shooter is caught at the scene. He gives no reason as to why he did it other than that he was paid handsomly to do it. What would be the just thing to do?

F: Sneaky one, Dwighty...slipping in a hypothetical question that is a thinly veiled "how do you feel about abortion" question. In the above case, assuming we are under American legal jurisprudence, then the killer should be tried for first-degree muder, and the one that hired him as an accessory. Now, as a question about my feelings towards abortion, or more specifically in this case, Partial Birth Abortion, I'm fine with it. There are too many unwanted children in the world, and there is too big a population problem as it is. If a child is unwanted or non-viable, I see no reason to keep it around, just because someone thinks it shouldn't die. I ask what is more humane: letting that creature go, or bringing it into a world where it is unwanted and will cost the species that much more to feed, raise, clothe, and deal with?

C: Strong words.

F: I'm well aware that I am hated in some circles.

C: He's also curious where we all came from?

F: Our mothers.

C: I don't think that's what he meant.

F: I know...but we've already been debating this. He's a Creationist, I'm an Evolutionist. Besides, as I recently mentioned, I'm much more interested in where we are all GOING.

C: OK, lastly, he'd like to know if you really ARE a communist?

F: (laughs) No. I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Communist Party.

C: OK, I guess that's all for that. Can you go on?

F: If there are more, I can handle it.

C: Then we'll break for these commercials.

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