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Interview - Round 5

C: Welcome back to yet another installment of "Bring It On". Against all odds, we've received another set of questions for you Frank.

F: That's not too surprising...look at how long 'Survivor' has been on TV. If that can keep coming back, so can this.

C: Cynical, but true. These questions come from the opposite side of the country, from blueski.

F: Cool, hit me.

C: First off, she writes: "You're in love, we all know it. Can you tell us the moment that you realized that?"

F: (smiles) That's easy, uh...what the Hell is your name, anyway?

C: I don't appear to have one...I suppose you can call me Skippy, if you must.

F: I'll pass. Anyway, that's easy. Dianna and I had been talking for a quite a while after our first meeting, and things were progressing fairly quickly. Admissions of love and emotion were admitted on both sides, but they were the kind of thing that you say when you think you are feeling it, but it hasn't been really rammed home, you know? Not that you DON'T feel it, it just has less real foundation. Still, the Sunday evening that she called me, told me she had told her then-husband that she wanted a divorce and that she was coming to see me, it ALMOST hit me. Almost in that it was just such an emotional shock (in a good way) that I didn't really think about it. That night, we talked a lot, we snuggled a lot, we sat in silence a lot, we, uh, did other things...and the next morning, she had to go back, so she didn't miss work. I held her one last time, kissed her, and looked down at her...and knew it. Unreservedly, and completely, I loved her.

C: Not a dry eye in the house right now, I suspect.

F: Hopefully. (waves) I love you, Di!

C: Well, moving on to lighter matters, is there a band that you love that everyone would laugh about if you recommended them, either because they are not traditionally well-liked or else because they are so not you?

F: Well, most people know that I have VERY eclectic musical tastes, and my typical playlist in any given day ranges from Slipknot to Mozart to Travis Shredd to Run-DMC, so it's hard to find music that I listen to that isn't "me". However, people sometimes seem to get a kick out of the fact that I listen to things like Tony Bennett (lounge/torch songs), or Collide (very swirly-goth), or Sophie B. Hawkins or Joan Osborne (soulful female singers). but even those fit me in one way or another, if you get to know me.

C: Hmmm...OK, here's one for you: do you panic?

F: Nope.

C: Would you elaborate on that further?

F: Everyone knows SOMEONE who is almost disgustingly rational. No matter what the situation, he can always seems to be able to step back and see what needs to be done and do it. That's me. I'm the one people turn to when THEY are freaking out. I just don't panic...I'm not certain I could (short of being confronted by Cthulhu himself or something...that might do it). I'm a big supporter of logic, as well as meditation. A calm mind is a happy mind.

C: Must come in handy occasionally.

F: Quite.

C: You're on death row, and it's time for your last meal. What do you order, and who cooks it?

F: Yikes, last meal, huh? Well, first choice would be a big, greasy cheeseburger, but they'd have to let ME cook it, because no one makes them better. Since I somehow doubt they'd let me get away with that, it'd be a toss-up between pizza from Papa John's, or a good beef stroganoff...but not sure who'd make that. probably my grandmother. Never had hers, but she was an incredible cook.

C: Well, I'm hungry now...last question. "Mr. Bean" or "The Black Adder"?

F: Ooh, good one...well, I really like Rowan Atkinson, so it's a tough choice. I'll have to go with The Black Adder, if only because it's a little smarter. I love Mr. Bean, but some of the snide remarks and in-jokes that Blackadder spouts off just slay me. I have every episode on DVD.

C: Alrighty then, that should cover it. Anything to add?

F: Not at the moment...I'll just nip off for a beverage...need anything while I'm gone?

C: A name would be nice...
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