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Notes From The Show

Just a collection of phrases, things that came up at the show...this gets rather rambly, sorry.

"Who's she supposed to be, Catherine The Great?"..."I dunno, does she own a horse?"

"Well, I suppose you could ask Count Blackula over there..."

"Hmmm, we seem to be being invaded by cannibal headhunters."

"Great Goddess, did you see the size of that ass?"..."Where, I can't see?"..."That's because the ass is in your way!"

"What is THAT?"..."It appears to be 300 pounds of cookie dough in a leather biker mama outfit."

"Hey, I think that's Egon from Ghostbusters!"..."NO, I'm willling to bet Egon can dance better and doesn't own a PVC priest coat."

"His alliteration does not impress me...I wish he'd just shut the hell up, he's stretching."


"Hey, don't we work with her?"..."Yeah, and I'm never gonna look at her the same again."

"Well, if *I'D* paid for those tits, I'd show them off, too."

"Dear God, it's Meat Loaf!"

"OK, well, we've identified every cast member of 'The Matrix', now I'm OK."

"Does he have a hanger on his head?"..."Not sure, but I'm waiting for that chick to start doing semaphore."

"Oh, goodie, now we get to hear all their goth-y names."

"He's everything? Everything except intelligent, I guess."

"No biggie, a damp sponge and you'll be fine. And, yes, I recognized you."

"No thanks, I can be bored and ignored at home."

"I don't care if she has a boyfriend, I wouldn't get any anyway."

"Are you guys with the press?"

"Hey, look, it's the lost member of Slipknot!"

"It's not that I like them, but I have to cheer, they are from Texas."

Well, you get the idea...or maybe you're just confused, or maybe you are giggling, I dunno.

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