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Odd Convo Day

I declare today, as a Friday The 13th, to be "Odd Convo Day"...so I wanna see all of you posting at least one snippet of an odd conversation you have today. My initial submissions?

achmanage: bloody video captures. Spawns of Satan!
archmage: Well, I wouldn't go THAT far...maybe just distant acquaintences of Satan.
achmanage: hmmmm...they visit him on a regular basis for tea. How 'bout that?
archmage: Well, they probably catch up on the phone every couple weeks.
achmanage: right right. I'm sure they're probably trying to get him into their network marketing business.
achmanage: Oh wait, that's me.
archmage: Ah! Lapdog of Satan!


woap: I return, and that bagel was huge!
archmage: A mighty bagel, indeed!
woap: Yes! Sausage and bacon
archmage: A bagel to be reckoned with.
woap: A bagel that I enjoy describing to any of my Jewish friends for the sheer nonkosherness of it.
archmage: hell yeah!

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