God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Wanderin' Weekend

So, we jaunted up to Seattle for dravengodvamp's birthday. It was a surprise, but it didn't work out quite the way we planned. WE were gonna meet at his place around the time velvetacidgrrrl got home or lunch, but she called as we were there to tell us that he had come to get her, and they'd be there soon. A few minutes later, though, she called back, wondering where he was, and asked us to come pick her up...while giving me directions, though, here comes Draven, walking out of the apartment. Apparently, he heard my phone ring, and wondered what was going on...he WAS surprised to see us, though.

The afternoon passed quietly, with a little drinking and a lot of laughing. Later on, though, Draven did steaks and bratwursts that were faboo (as usual, he's a helluva cook), and out we went.

First stop was the Bad Juju, for drinks, were Reverend Frank popped up, gave a toast, and declared the creation of St. Doug's Day. Eventually, though, we all trekked out to Deja Vu, for a night full of strippers.

I gotta break for the moment and say that Washington state strip clubs are pretty lame compared to where I'm from. If nothing else, they don't serve booze, though there's still the "one drink minimum", and you're still paying $5 for it. All in all, Di and I saw maybe 4 chicks that were actually putting on a good show and entertaining, the rest were mediocre at best and pathetic at worst. Still, we all had a good time, and shut the place down. Back home for crashing.

We got up and ended up coming on home. I hadn't slept well, and I couldn't get hold of erotocism, so we decided it was time to cruise...besides, i needed to get back and get some things done.

Still and all, it was great to see Draven for his birthday...no way I was letting my fellow Southern Boy have his first b'day up here without attending!

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