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Let's see if I can get this down before I forget it...

I remember being on what seems to be a train, and I'm walking up to a compartment, and inside is a guy with a gun and someone else, and the implication is that there isn't enough rations for all of us to escape. Somehow, though, they aren't hostile about it, and I get dude to let me see his gun to try and fix something, but instead I sabotage it...but he leaves.

Now I'm in the front room of a house, and I'm there with two other people, one is an old friend from high school, Becca, and the other is some adult male. Apparently, we are getting prepared to go to some speech/debate tournament (which is odd, since I didn't get into that until after I changed schools, and wasn't around Becca anymore). We're packing up what we need, and I'm trying to get everything packed into this boxy shaped bag with strange zippers, and everything I'm taking is some gaming book, and my copy of Talisman. I mention to her that I have my Talisman game, so she doesn't need to bring hers, and she asks which version I have. I tell her, and she just stares at me, and I work on getting the zippers closed again. The zippers are along the corner edges, and keep changing direction, and when they are all closed, the bag still has gaps in it. I decide that is good enough, and go put the bag in the pickup waiting outside, thinking that the three of us are gonna have to all sit up front.

They claim they are ready to leave, and I know I need to change clothes. I'm now in a strange version of my old house in Nashville. I run upstairs to the closet, where I'm trying to get into some really funky red-and-black suede slip-on shoes while I can see, through a vent, someone just outside, talking. I get the shoes on, and head further upstairs (for those that don't know, my room used to be part of the attic). It's a big empty attic now, with some left over furniture, and it's dark. I can't really see things clearly enough to find the clothes I'm looking for (khaki pants or something similar), and my Dad walks up behind me. I say something like "There's nothing for me here, now", and we walk back out. The roof is leaking so badly that it's drizzling in here, and the floor is rotting away in places, but we make it safely to the stairway down, which is somehow outside and uncovered...and it's sunny out.

I head into the front bedroom (my room before moving to the attic), and find some suitable clothing (olive green pants and some pullover top with was grey when I pulled it out but is not grey with green and yellow stripes). I get the pants on, and as I'm pulling the shirt on, Becca steps in and tells me to come on. Right behind her is a tiny older Chinese woman in a red sweater, who pulls me down so she can reach me (on my knees, I'm as tall as she is), and she kisses each of my cheeks and says goodbye. I hug her tightly, and say "I love you, grandmother", and somehow I know we aren't really related. She laughs and does this odd hop backwards (while still in my embrace), and I finally let go...

...and wake up.

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