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LJ Name Meme, And Thoughts Thereabout

OK, I'm gonna post the results to this, which I took, not because I was interested, but just to point out some annoying crap.

Magic Number14
JobPorn Star
PersonalityProcrastinator (If The Apathy Doesn't Kill Me)
TemperamentBest Not To Ask
SexualIf I Have To
Likely To WinThe Booker Prize
Me - In A WordDivine
Brought to you by MemeJack

OK, now, let's look at this:

  • Magic Number: 14 -- Is this supposed to mean something? Is this based on numerological formulas, or just randomly picked out of a hat?

  • Job: Porn Star -- Hmmm, sounds like the greatest job in the world, right? Wrong. I know they sy you should do what you love, but do you REALLY want this to be your job? Contributing to the fact that guys in America have NO sexual education whatsoever, and having to keep it up for long periods of time and fuck to DIRECTION, under hot lights, etc.? Much less, the chicks you fuck all look the same, and frankly aren't my type. I'll pass.

  • Personality: Procrastinator (If The Apathy Doesn't Kill Me) -- This is almost true, I do tend to be a procrastinator, given the chance. But I doubt seriously that it DEFINES my personality.

  • Temperament: Best Not To Ask -- Do I even need to say anything? You know me...when have I EVER told someone not to ask me something?

  • Sexual: If I Have To -- Hoo, boy, could they have gotten THAT any more wrong? Regardless of how I feel about the 'porn star' thing, I loves me some pussy. That should have said 'unless you tell me no'.

  • Likely To Win The Booker Prize -- WEll, I like THAT. I'd love to think that I'd win the Booker Prize...but that sort of implies that I'm writing, right? And when's the last time I did that? Give it to an AUTHOR.

  • Me - In A Word: Divine -- Well, maybe in my own head, sure. ;) Serioiusly, if there's anythign I DON'T think about myself, even considering my own inflated ego, it's that I'm 'divine'. I fight for Man, against gods.

  • Colour: Yellow -- Not even close, kids. Not by a DAMN sight.

So, ultimately, what have we got here? A "quiz" that seeminly pulls random info out of an array, or at best relates the letters in your name to some array that still has nothing to do with you in the least.

Now, sure, some of these quizzes are kind of interesting, and the questions well-thought out to produce a result that makes some iota of sense...I'm fine with that. But these 'random' quizzes are fuckin' stupid, as are the ones that you can take a quick glance at and see that the answers are obvious, and you can easily choose the answers you want for the result you want. Along with those, let me add the quizzes that have results that make so sense to anyone but a small group (I saw one a while back that was something like 'which one of so-and-so's friends are you most like?'...not that anyone knows who so-and-so is).

Come on, kids...at least TRY to be a little selective in which quizzes you take.

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