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On Dead Journals

Every time there is some site trouble, someone brings up getting rid of 'dead' accounts. Now, I understand why they don't. After all, you never know when someone might pick it back up...they didn't actually delete it, right? And how would you feel if somethig had happened, and you were away from LJ for a long period of time, and your account was deleted?

However, I do find a bunch that I figure are safe to kill. I use the portal page to update, most of the time, and I have it set to show me 5 random users at the bottom. Mostly this is to see the icons, admittedly (which is a whole other rant, since out of 5, there is usually only one or two that actually HAS an icon! Creepy...). I do sometimes see a usernamer that I think is cool or funny, and check it out. Two today fit the 'probably safe to kill' program though.

First off is liquescent. The name just seemed interesting, so i go to check it. Hasn't been updated since sometime in 2001, which was a real day-to-day post, and her website is no longer active...that says to me that someone's not on the Net anymore, for whatever reason.

Secondly was mooreiswhore. With a name like that, I was curious. One entry, sometime in 2000, no bio, no icon, no friends, no NOTHING but this one post, that seems to be bitching about someone stealing another's boyfriend or something, and how she needs to go away. Obviously a journal started simply to vent this little bit of doggerel to the world. I think we can safely get rid of it.

Still, can you imagine what a bitch it would be to go through 1090084 accounts (yay, LJ broke a million!)! 170976 have never updated, but some of those might be brand new...569712 are not considered active in any sort of way, and that is a lot to go through to determine who stays and who goes (though, if it isn't considered active in any sort of way, no posts, no comments, no nothing, it's probably safe to kill them too).

Here's what they don't understand, though: those dead accounts aren't doing anything to the system. There's no activity to them, therefore they are not 'clogging' anything. That's simply a question of server drive space, of which there is plenty, and which is easy to add. Frankly, it's the ACTIVE journals that cause the traffic problems. ;)

All the more reasons to pay for your journal.

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