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Happy Friday

And it shall be a happy Friday indeed, for me. Afraid I can't say much at the moment, but more shall be forthcoming, I promise.

Man, Di has apparently pissed off the Game Gods. I dunno how, and I dunno when, but they were not in her corner last night. She got online playing Gin while I was reading, and was losing (which is odd, because she's normally very good). She got off of there and asked if I wanted to finish the game of RoboRally that we had started the night before. I said sure, and proceeded to speed around the rest of the board, blasting her and shoving her into a pit. That went fast, and at her suggestion, I pulled out Monopoly...and it was more of the same. Not only did she land on the Luxury Tax at least 5 times, she was in Jail at least 7...and once I had all 4 railroads and the entire yellow group built up...well, her days were numbered. She managed to get enough mortgaged to pay the first yellow hit, and BARELY managed to pay off the railroad hit a couple turns later, only to roll and go directly to another railroad...she threw in the towel.

And on that note, I leave this picture for poisonous_vine, who is a Smurfs fan: Smurfs: The New Generation

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