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Books, Booze, And Babes

Di and I went to see a friend of hers that she hasn't seen in a couple years yesterday. This ended up being pretty cool, since they had the same attitude everyone else seems to have about her divorce (i.e.: "Thank God you got rid of him"), and they thought I was pretty cool. I got along with them quickly, so hopefully we'll see more of them. Kinda nice to have friends that are married and have a child (brand new little boy).

On the way home, Bug and I got to talking and laughing and fooling around, and I discovered that he'd never actually seen "Star Wars". He's seen these recent ones (BLEAH!), but never the original trilogy. Well, THAT cannot be. So, last night, after dinner, we all sat down and I showed him 'Star Wars', and he happily and bouncingly agrees that it is MUCH cooler than the newer movies...he cannot wait to see the other two.

Spent the rest of the night hanging out with delilahbowie, who came over to kick back and borrow some Stephen King books from me. Always good to see her, she's an excellent friend, and always fun.

Side note to this: In going through my closet to get out all my SK novels, I discovered that an entire box of books is missing. I used to own nearly all of SK's books, half of them in paperback, and now I have only two of his paperbacks...the rest seem to have vanished. The only thing I can think is that in one of the many moves my stuff has been through, a box of books didn't get shifted properly. Well, hopefully, there's nothing else in that box that I really cared for (though, since I just now noticed this box missing, it couldn't have been TOO near and dear to my heart). Hmmm...that's probably where the second book of Frazetta's 'Death Dealer' series is, which is missing as well...dammit!

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