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Ouch, And Double Ouch

Holy Skjaqueda, I've done it this time. Fucked up the ol' spinal column something fierce.

In getting done all the shite that needed to be done today, I sat down in the doorway out to my porch with a bucket and a scrubbrush to clean off the elk skull I found yesterday. Got as much done as I could for the moment, and stood up to head back in, taking hold of the bucket as I did. Apparently, the weight was in JUST the right place to play bojangles with my center of gravity, because instead of the smooth upward movement that I have known all my life will gain me an upright bipedal stance, I instead executed what would have been a pretty impressive forward roll and pratfall, had I intended to do it. As it was a tad on the spontaneous side, it mostly just looked stupid and resulted in what seemed at the time to be minor and easily-ignored pain. 3 steps into the house, however, it decided that it didn't want to be simply ignored, and shouted at me 'I am pain, here me roar'. That led to a nice three-hour reading and relaxation session on the couch.

I had hoped it was gone by now, as it wasn't continuing it's erudite discourse on it's own superiority, but as I got up, it figured that moment was a prime opportunity to clue me in to the research it had been doing while I wiled away the afternoon. Needless to say, at the moment, it has a VERY convincing argument.


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