God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Fun WIth Da Bug

Erik only had a half day at school today, as it was the final day of school, so I had his grandmother just bring him straight here. We've had a blast for the afternoon, so far, playing games and goofing off, and still managed to get his room all cleaned up, do phonics (twice as long as normal, and he didn't even notice), and walk down to the corner store for candy bars (hey, it was candy-thirty, what could I do?).

Di should be home in a little while, and it'll be time for dinner, and then gonna show him The Empire Strikes Back, and hopefully it'll be dark enough to go outside and wave some sparklers around.

Good times. Being Dad rocks...even when you aren't called it.

Speaking of Dads, I told mine today about my impending nuptials, and as I expected he was very happy and very proud. He wishes he could be here for it, but I told him this was just the legal end of things, and that the "ceremony" is still happening Halloween next year, but that he had to be in costume. He laughed and said "I suppose I can wear a pair of rollerskates."

Now THAT will be worth seeing. ;)

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