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Texas Anti-Sodomy Law Ruled Unconstitutional

Well, with all the stupid shit oming out of the Middle East, and the news that tyhe RIAA is going to try and sure veritable shitloads of computer users for distributing MP3's, it's nice to hear some good new for a change.

There are laws all over that, if you really read them, forbid almost anything except male/female missionary style sex...and that is WAY stupid. A lot of them have been removed over the last chunk of years, but many have remained on the books, and even when not enforced, they form the underpinnings of other discrimination. Texas is one of those, who still had laws on the books specifically prohibiting male/male sex...until now. The USA Today shows the story of the Supreme Court's decision, which was that the law was "an unconstitutional violation of privacy."

Wow, it's always good to see the humans moving a step in the right direction.

However, there is one bit of bad news I wanted to bring up. Also in today's USA Today is a story that is bad enough in and of itself, but may hit home for some of you, what with grrretel's recent death, seemingly because the docs just didn't treat her. According to the article, on average, doctors provide appropriate health care only about half the time, a landmark study of adults in 12 U.S. metropolitan areas suggests. The scariest excerpt?
"Overall, patients' medical charts showed that doctors provided 55% of appropriate care. On average, that proportion varied little among the chronic, acute or preventive care categories. McGlynn acknowledges that it's possible that doctors didn't write everything down in patients' charts. But that in itself represents poor-quality care, she says. "How can they proactively follow up on something if they don't have a note on the chart?""
So much for stepping in the right direction.

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