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And Now, Back To Reality

OK, if nothing else, I have to happily announce that I finally got off my ass and finished Dungeon Siege last night. Frankly, it wasn't as hard an ending as I was prepped for, but still a pretty decent game. Looking forward to the sequel, due out soon.

Up early this morning, so I could run DI to work, come back, run, subzero to the airport>, come back, and start cleaning up the house. Considering how many people we had back and forth in the house, the amount of clothing and lighting and empty bottles that were around, and the amount of furniture movement, it's in pretty good shape...just need to straighten up.

And then, there's the reason why. Sure, it needs it, but there's more. Tomorrow, my Mom shows up. *sigh* Oh, joy...I dunno when, sometime, but she'll be here at some point tomorrow, and then Wednesday, she's dragging me to see Mount St. Helens. I have wanted to go, but not with her and my brother...oh well, it's only one day. Still, Thursday cannot come fast enough (she'll be gone). Ah well...

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