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Funniest Spam In A While

Hi there!

I got your email from Jennifer and I just wanted to tell you strait up, I really like 2 FUCK!
She told me u're into fuckin' too. Lets hookup for a juicy weekend (maybe even this weekend)
and cum together!

can't wait to fuck like rabbits,

You can get emails like this one, and even more hardcore emails from each of the 100,000 active
married women at SexAffair! They can either email you directly with their desires,
or recommend you to their girlfriends in their exclusive Sex Forums! Since there are way more
women then there are men in the site, you are guaranteed to get laid at SexAffair!
So cum and fuck a horny housewife right now, they're all really thirsty for sex!


Now, THAT'S a riot!

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