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About Frickin' Time

Well, after 10 hours, I can finally post to my journal again, Maybe it's just me, but it always seems to be the Cartman Cluster (which I'm on) that has the problems. Oh well, I'm sure they are doing the best they can.

Let's see...a new icon, some bad news, and some good news...and some just plain ol' vanilla news.

New icon is up on this post...pix were taken from "One Hour Photo" (reviews of that and others to come).

Well, on the down side, Buddy Hackett was found dead in his home, cause of death unknown as of yet. Hackett was a riot, I always enjoyed seeing him in something. Damn.

On the good side, I wasn't going to bother with the little 'find out about someone through their birthsign' thing, but Di went and did mine, and it was fairly true, so I'm reposting it behind a cut...
Chaos Blackflame is a great intellectual. He is also a great adventurer, a great party animal, a great judge of character, a great conversationalist, a great comedian, a great philosopher and a great self publicist. Indeed, Chaos Blackflame is rather of the opinion that if anything in this world is 'great' it must have his name on it and if it isn't, maybe he will try it anyway and make it great by the simple act of lending his name to it. Chaos is a Sagittarian and there are two things that no Sagittarian can resist. The first is a challenge. The second is a tendency to exaggerate. Therefore whatever Chaos Blackflame sets out to accomplish in this world must be: a) difficult and b) big. Why set out to climb a piffling little hill like Everest when there are mountains on Mars that are truly steep? All you need is a rope, a pick and a spaceship. In Chaos's mind, this (or something not far from it) represents a perfectly logical thought process. Who cares whether he actually manages to get to Mars? He will have fun trying and at least, if he tells enough people that this is his plan, nobody will ever think of him as boring.

Here we have the essence of Chaos Blackflame's biggest secret fear. Chaos Blackflame is absolutely terrified that one day someone will rumble him. He will be revealed as an ordinary person who thinks ordinary thoughts. Oh shame of shames, what will he do then? To keep this dreadful possibility at bay, Chaos will go to any length, he will climb any mountain (even if it does happen to be on Mars) and he will swim any sea (even if he can't swim yet - he'll learn how to one of these days - you just wait and see). Or perhaps, more realistically (but only a bit) Chaos will set out to prove that he really is a great intellectual\adventurer\philosopher etc. etc. Much to everyone's surprise (including his own) in the fullness of time... it will all turn out to be true! </i>
Well, the arrogant sounding opening is pretty true, and I am the type that likes to do things big, if possible. It's untrue that I'm worried about people finding out that I'm actually ordinary...Hell, I admit that openly. I'm just a guy, just like anyone else, I just encourage peopel to be more, and I encourage myself to do the same. I do think of myself as a bit of philosopher/intellectual/what have you, though, and I do happen to think I'm right about most things, and people tend to discover this as well...not always, and that's fine. I'm just trying to get myself to a higher plane, and take as many people with me as possible.

If you want to see what it says about you, here's a link.

On the boring side, Mom and my brother, John, finally showed up. So far, so good, they got here, we sat around for maybe 15 minutes, and went out to dinner, which wasn't bad, and at which I told her about Di and I getting marrried. Once we got back, John and I stepped out of the car to help some guy who was pushing his, and once we got back, found that he and Mom were going on back to the hotel, and so the evening was free...nice. Di helped me forget about them for a while (*MROWR*), and thus I'm better now. Head finally no longer hurts (which has been hurting most of the afternoon)...all in all not bad.

And now, off to play a little more Unreal 2.

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